Month: May 2018

What are the recent trends in Email Marketing?

Is it true that static and old-fashioned email marketing is dead and might not be enough to grab your audience attention? Do you think people who do not respond to your email messages are not reading your emails anymore or they are just lying there in their spam/junk folder?   More than 95% of your

Why You Need a Header and Footer for Your Website?

A website brings an online presence to your business, even for your personal blog. You have all your important pages and posts published and get them linked to each other. While designing a website I usually need to set certain elements first, what first comes to my mind is placing a well-designed Header and Footer.

Lead generation software for small businesses

  Small Businesses can make use of tools and software to reduce the time¬†and help convert a lead to a customer. A lead is the most important factor that leads to a sale. Leads can be any person or business that may be interested in your product or service, these leads can be collected through