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Final Tips To Develop A Brand Name

  On my last post, I have discussed a few tips to create a killer brand. In today’s post, I will discuss the final tips for branding. Any business needs a heart and it is the brand. If it is an existing brand, you would have to think about being consistent. If it is a fresh

Tips To Create A Killer Brand Name For Your Small Business

We have already discussed three simple approaches to boost your brand. But today it’s something more. We will give away a few tips that can help in creating the killer brand for your small business. Understand that No Good brand, No success! You can find immense information on developing an existing brand but what about

How To Get Your Local Business on Google Search?

Looking for a local café near you or finding a local dentist using your smartphone. Search engines immediately show up the top three searches with the store name, the image of the store, distance from your present location along with customer ratings to choose from. People tend to tag stores that they have been frequently visiting

Laser Wood Art

  Laser Art is a challenge for entrepreneur Vishwanath Pishey who runs P K Enterprises, a small workshop based in North Bangalore. Being in the industry for around 24 years into CNC profile cutting previously, he has ventured out on his own into laser artwork. Laser is created by concentrating a beam of light through

Challenges faced by Small Business Owners

Small Business Owners face tough challenges while growing their businesses. Here’s some of the challenges every business owner faces; Cashflow SME struggle with managing cash flow right from the beginning and situations get tougher due to increased borrowing. A business owner is on a constant lookout for low-interest loans while bank interest rates remain quite

Startup Culture in India

I was really proud when I came to know the latest update regarding India which says that it is the third largest startup country in the world immediately after the US and the UK. This report has been released by National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM). It reminded me that India is always