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Contribute to Clariment Marketing Services.

Are you a blogger or a social media enthusiast? Do you have something to share some of your ideas on by contributing your articles and posts to our blog site clariment.com

I accept posts in the below categories;

  • Marketing Strategies: Strategies that make businesses chalk out their marketing activities to implement during their new product launch.
  • Free Resources: Tools and Resources that are quite useful for marketing managers, business owners and startup entrepreneurs.
  • Your Stories: You inspiration on being a designer, storyteller, freelance writer or being a marketing superhero. Share case studies, self-help and motivational stories.


Whats Required

  • High-level quality content that is original and not stolen.
  • No affiliate links or spam links.
  • No linking to posts on your blog, your client’s blog or website, or internal posts.
  • All images must have a license or free photos should have a link to the source.
  • I hold the rights to edits on title and body text.
  • You can share the post with your followers and respond to comments.

If all good, please send me a message through the contact form below;