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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google Webmasters – The first place you get to see your site’s performance on the Google Search Console, with a dashboard to give you an overview on performance, crawling errors, links to your site and a few testing tools. Get complete documentation and support from Google’s own community services.

Bing Webmasters – A similar console meant for Microsoft’s Bing Search Engine. Upload their tracking file to your website folder and get instant recommendations on how to fix issues to your web pages.

Schema.org – A vocabulary of schemas to markup some page specific details to be crawled easily. These vocabularies provide a structured data you can embed to your webpages, which makes search engines easily understand the structure of your website.

MOZ – One of the first websites I got an intro on SEO was Moz.com. A favourite among most online marketers and big giant companies. Moz has been consulting about SEO since 2004 and their Pro tools, support groups while doing your SEO research.

Search Engine Land – All the industry news and trends right here from PPC paid search advertising to SEO. Get analysis, tips, how to guides on search marketing (SEM).


Search Engine Tools

Google Analytics – Measuring your goals, your advertising ROI, in-depth insights on when the web traffic driving from, how people are using your website, use keyword planner and keep track of everything at one place makes Google Analytics need to look out on daily.

MOZ Pro – Learn how people search for your product/service, understand which keywords are relevant and widely searched for, do competitor analysis through backlinks. An all in one suite of Pro tools to audit your website.

Alexa.com – developed by Amazon, a tool to find website traffic stats, boost traffic and do competitor analysis.

Google Trends – Get trends on the wide search topics on Google using a set of keywords related to your niche, visualize data based on location and preferences from Google.

Screaming Frog – Structure your website with this downloadable tool on your desktop to crawl onto your website links, images and scripts. Acts like a spider from an SEO perspective.


Google Adwords – is an advertising service provided by Google to run your ads on Google search engine. You can run a pay per click campaign or each search query or keyword or run a display campaign with banner ads on other reputed websites.

Google Adsense – is an interactive media advertisements like automatic texts, banner ads and short videos on popular blog sites.

Marketing and Sales Tools

Salesforce – Build your CRM base on Salesforce platform and collaborate with your team using this sales and marketing cloud-based software.

Hubspot – HubSpot is a spot for inbound and content marketing and sales platform to bring buyer awareness and convert to customers.

Bitrix24.com – Bitrix24 is more like a social platform for a workspace to assign tasks to your team and watch the progress. A built-in CRM and integrated to Yandex makes it a virtual communication and business tools all on one place.


Email Marketing

MailChimp – Build your brand, engage with customers by sending sleekly designed email templates using MailChimp’s email automation.

Aweber – Build a list, automate your emails, and achieve your goals with Aweber. Sell through email marketing with Aweber.

Sendlane – Sendlane has everything for an email engine to work great, from landing page builder to the autoresponder try this easy to use platform from Sendlane.

Affiliate Marketing

Clickbank India – For those who want to be into affiliate marketing business to selling digital products and eBooks, run an information business using Clickbank.

JVZoo – a growing pool of Affiliate marketers makes JVZoo a global technology platform to setup your affiliate program on the go. A trusted site with millions of digital products to sell online and earn good commissions.

Warrior Forum – A community of millions of marketers discuss news on digital and internet marketing on Warrior Forum.


Online Courses

Learn new skills from a range of professional courses right from software to business on these reputed sites.