Is Instagram the New Face of Facebook?

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Facebook, the big daddy is an online social media networking service which connects to your friends, family, colleagues and groups have been helping small businesses grow. As a primary advertising source for businesses to run a small campaign targeted to a specific set of the audience has shown signs of decline and losing its market share simply because people are going mobile and using social media apps instead and have been spending more time on their phone. It is true the social media giant has 2 billion active users on their site, and enjoy the top place among other social media companies, but the social network has lost its charm. After having acquired WhatsApp – a local networking app and Instagram – a simple photo sharing App now the trend to look out for.


How has Instagram seen an increase in users?
Instagram, a simple photo sharing mobile app is one of my favourites which I have started using a few months back and have considerable enthusiasm, instantly gratifying with well-polished photos, live streaming videos, direct messaging and has made this part of my daily routine. Some of it is awesome photography and functionality gets you crazy for posting for selfies everywhere you go and receive immediate likes and comments from people who follow you.

I found out later that the app has 700 million registered users with 400 million active users online. Teens have huge interests who are hooked to the app than ever before.


Why should you advertise on Instagram?

As marketers we lookout for new leads and run sponsored campaigns to reach every corner of the world. It’s usually getting difficult to tell your story in a noisy world, with a constant stream of information, images and social interaction. People seem to have learnt to adjust their eyes on actual news feeds and have a blind eye towards advertising.

As the great Gary Vaynerchuck in his book “Jab Jab Jab Right Hook” says “great marketing is now all about telling your story in a way that compels people to buy what you’re selling, in a noisy, mobile world. Emails, banner ads, search engine optimization – and all other digital marketing tactics in the internet era are diminishing or slowing down and on the internet, a social layer to any platform immediately increases its effectiveness”.



More about the App and who founded it.

Instagram is a social network app gained popularity in since its launch in 2010, when founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger later sold it to Facebook for a whopping $1 billion dollars in 2012. Kevin Systrom retained his position as CEO and runs it from his headquarters at Menlo Park, Calif – the same place Facebook headquarters is now based.

Every year 100 million users register on Instagram, where people maintain polished profiles, post selfies on the go, and get hooked on some awesome photography, and live feeds. You can follow anyone who you find interesting, comment or send a like.


Competition from Other Social media sites
Instagram sees tough competition from Pinterest, due to the later success in added functionality for users. Pinterest model works on Pins attached to favourite images which you can pin onto your dashboard. Works best for artists and DIY’s in implementing them to their project. It’s more like a tool than just posting pretty pictures and receiving likes.

Instagram on the other hand with the help of Facebook support, tends to capture a larger public network where the audience instantly updates content and tag them to a public network.

For publicity internet shy users prefer to settle for a more private network such as WhatzApp, also owned by Facebook. Snapchat has more users in US and UK, while WeChat is growing more in China.


Instagram faces some new challenges as services are growing more in India and other parts of the Asia, some challenges primarily are due to slower network connections and partly due to Android phones which are less powerful compared to an iPhone. The company is spending on increasing speeds and making performance improvements every day to tend to a larger international audience.

On the whole you have to play with the App to get hold of increasing your presence to engage people using the App.

Look out for more updates and news from Instagram on Twitter at @instagram.




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