Laser Wood Art

Courtesy : P K Enterprises


Laser Art is a challenge for entrepreneur Vishwanath Pishey who runs P K Enterprises, a small workshop based in North Bangalore. Being in the industry for around 24 years into CNC profile cutting previously, he has ventured out on his own into laser artwork.

Laser is created by concentrating a beam of light through a fiber lens which burns material on the surface. The whole technology is based on a resonator which produces the beam. This is encased in a silicon tube with mirrors which reflects the laser beam and focuses on a single point. The mechanical system moves the beam in a computer control pattern.

Pencil Holder

Economical Laser machines come in two forms –

  • CO2 laser used for gas cutting.
  • Fiber laser which is used for metal and non-metal cutting.

In his previous experience he has cut from 5mm – 400mm thick steel using Oxy-acetylene gas for structural parts of earth movers and construction equipment. Now, he has turned his business directly to consumers with products for home d├ęcor, dining, and office accessories.

Few of his popular products are dining trivets, tea coasters, office accessories and decorative art all made from MDF (medium density fiberboard). You can find a variety of designs created using his design ideas and software skills. A better part is his large stock of tools and supplies right from simple to high tech power tools. Engrossed at his workshop and around his machinery, he remains passionate running his business and creating art.

You can find all his products on Amazon.in and Flipkart under his brand P K.


Dining Trivet
Laser Art on MDF


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