Lead generation methods for small and medium sized companies

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Now since we know the importance of lead generation, let’s understand the simple, cost-effective ways to create leads.

There are two major ways of marketing- inbound marketing and outbound marketing, both equally useful in generating leads.


Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is when you push the potential customers towards your company, it mainly involves spreading brand awareness and attracting potential buyers to turn them into leads.

You must have seen yourself getting attracted towards fancy blog posts or getting engaged in various newsletters, this is where the product pulls you to be its customer.

It involves creating a meaningful relationship with the buyer to ensure that trust is built.

It is an indirect form of marketing where the product or service is engraved onto the customers’ subconscious mind.


Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing is when you pull the potential customers towards your company, it mainly involves direct one-one marketing tactics.

It could be a more time and money consuming method but it is only through outbound marketing that your target audience turns into a lead and finally into a customer.

You must have experienced this form of marketing when you receive direct emails or cold calls from companies trying to sell their product or services.

With the above methods, you can master the art of creating leads and getting a “yes” from your customers.

Let us find more inbound and outbound marketing tactics in the next post ->



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