Lead generation software for small businesses

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Small Businesses can make use of tools and software to reduce the time and help convert a lead to a customer.

A lead is the most important factor that leads to a sale.

Leads can be any person or business that may be interested in your product or service, these leads can be collected through various mediums like emails, websites, phone calls, events, seminars etc.


The process of lead generation and conversion can be lengthy and difficult for small business. Hence, there is a need for lead generation software.


With this below-listed software, you can completely automate your lead generation process right from contact to conversion.

It will improve your sales cycle, lessen the burden on your sales team, minimise errors and attract more customers.

  • Infusionsoft– good technology for small business to accelerate growth.


  • Salesforce– a personal favourite software, can help you automate and streamline all processes.
Courtesy: Salesforce.com
  • Campaign monitor– helps send personalised emails, and reach a bigger target audience.


  • SharpSpring– optimise your marketing simply and cost-effectively with campaign tracking and report analysis.


  • Emma– focus on email marketing and send emails from anywhere with their mobile app.


I would like to recommend a few techniques to keep in mind before buying a lead generation software-

  • Check references for software vendors.
  • Have a lawyer review subscription agreement.
  • Assess the financial viability of the vendor.
  • Prepare a request for information or request for proposal.
  • Estimate the total cost of ownership.
  • Define a budget in advance.
  • Determine a process and a team who will operate the software.
  • Check the expected return on investment.

Get a software trial and see the benefits for yourself!

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