How To Get Your Local Business on Google Search?

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Looking for a local café near you or finding a local dentist using your smartphone. Search engines immediately show up the top three searches with the store name, the image of the store, distance from your present location along with customer ratings to choose from. People tend to tag stores that they have been frequently visiting and your’s store might get tagged there too.

If not yet, there is a better solution if you want your business to be found?  Get your business registered for free by simply signing up on Google and Bing Local Business site. Here’s how in the steps below;

  • Sign Up on Google MyBusiness and Bing Places for Business for free.
  • Provide your Business Name, Owner’s Name, Tax Number, Contact Details
  • Upload Photos of your shop or commercial space
  • Get verified online and offline and you’re done.

PS: Here’s more.. You get a free webpage you can design and promote your business online.

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