Effective Marketing Methods For Generating Leads

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Would you like to learn some cheap and effective marketing tactics?
Are you looking to generate leads quickly and effortlessly?

If yes, then here is where you will find key details about various marketing methods.

After the previous posts on the importance of marketing for lead generation, it is now important to jump in and learn the details of both inbound and outbound marketing tactics.


Below are a few ways of inbound marketing that have proved to be effective for many small and medium-sized companies.


Inbound Methods

Content and SEO

It is mainly with content marketing that you reach your target audience, hence meaningful and relevant information on your posts is important to attract and engage them with you.

This is usually the first point of contact between you and your customer.

It is highly advisable to use high-quality content as search engines connect websites with good quality content.

Thus, it is essential to have both text and visual content before you plan to start promoting.



Website is a major platform where you get your leads, i.e. contact information about potential clients.

Ensure you have appropriate Calls-to-Action (CTA) on your website, it could be a pop-up form or an enquiry button or sign up for your newsletter. These act as a medium to generate leads.



Another way to attract your buyers and gain their trust is through your blogs, where they can read and connect to you and your product.

You must make your blog search-engine optimised and include CTA to ask your reader to subscribe to blog and follow your social pages.


Social Media

Apart from branding and spreading awareness, social media is significantly important for lead generation. This is where you can create a buzz about your product and engage more customers.


Next, are a few outbound marketing ways to engage customers and generate leads.


Outbound Methods

Email marketing

It is the main way of staying in touch with your customers that is easy and cost-effective. There are some free mass emailing software like MailChimp that can be used.


Display Ads and Pay-per-Click (PPC)Ads

Display ads can be used for targeted audience, you can display them at sites where your audience spends time.

The more you are present online, the higher chances your customer clicks on your advert.

With PPC ads you can drive leads in your budget, these leads are useful because they are generated when your target audience does a search relevant to your product or service.


Events and Webinars

You can also hold events or online webinars to attract potential customers, this is to advertise the goodness of your product or service and to create a hype about it.

The major challenge is converting these leads into customers, will speak more on that in the next post.



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