Why Do You Need Lead Generation?

  I am sure you find it hard talking to a stranger especially when you want to make a sale. Even though you might be selling a valuable product, or a service which you think your potential customer will find useful, you are not sure if they will be interested in the first place. You

How To Get Your Local Business on Google Search?

Looking for a local café near you or finding a local dentist using your smartphone. Search engines immediately show up the top three searches with the store name, the image of the store, distance from your present location along with customer ratings to choose from. People tend to tag stores that they have been frequently visiting

How to find keyword queries that rank your website?

Often, you need to know if your website ranks for a particular search query. Search queries are basically Search Terms that people type into the search bar. Google Search Analytics tool on the Google Webmasters Search console is the best place to find specific keywords people search to find your website. It provides the position your

How to send a promo code from MailChimp?

In case you have to send a promo code to each of your subscribers in your email list. Manual Process Manually Include Discount codes to Subscribers on your List. Download the subscriber list in excel file format from MailChimp. Create a new field named as Coupon and adding unique codes beside each subscriber email. Upload

What to include in Product Features?

Product Features give an idea of the value proposition you provide. It can be a brief summary with a few paragraphs or a list to explain what the product is all about and how the user benefits from it. Products features can also be is a one-page document highlighting your top 10-12 features of the product or

Things to do before launching your new software?

Testing software before launch is highly necessary to know what problems people come across and if the software is feasible, useful and worth buying. You can get this done through a questionnaire, a survey form or providing free trials version. If all tests fail, you can always improve the software with better ideas and not

Why installing a SSL Certificate is important in 2018?

Sites to remain trusted and searched on Google or Bing get ranked higher when you have SSL Certificate installed on your website. Even if you do not sell anything online installing this certificate makes sure your site is recognised as a trusted source by the search engines. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer which gives

What Online Marketers Do?

Online Marketing is just getting a word out that you or your company exists on the internet. You might be based at a certain location and provide products or services worldwide to people who might be interested. Traditional based marketing required lots of networking, cold calling and expensive advertising space either on TV or advertising

Laser Wood Art

  Laser Art is a challenge for entrepreneur Vishwanath Pishey who runs P K Enterprises, a small workshop based in North Bangalore. Being in the industry for around 24 years into CNC profile cutting previously, he has ventured out on his own into laser artwork. Laser is created by concentrating a beam of light through

Challenges faced by Small Business Owners

Small Business Owners face tough challenges while growing their businesses. Here’s some of the challenges every business owner faces; Cashflow SME struggle with managing cash flow right from the beginning and situations get tougher due to increased borrowing. A business owner is on a constant lookout for low-interest loans while bank interest rates remain quite