Things to do before launching your new software?

unsplash-logoDavid Travis
Photo by David Travis on Unsplash

Testing software before launch is highly necessary to know what problems people come across and if the software is feasible, useful and worth buying. You can get this done through a questionnaire, a survey form or providing free trials version. If all tests fail, you can always improve the software with better ideas and not spend much time and money on advertising.

One of the ways to getting tests done will require giving free gifts coupons to your target audience to encourage them by earning a gift coupon in return to start using the software and provide their feedback. Amazon gift coupons are available to give away people to try out the software and give you a rating and a review to proceed further.

Surveys do also help for a group of audience who might be interested in what you offer (if you have a higher budget) and get you to know the customer directly, listen to questions they have and address their issues. This presents instant insights on what works and is your product meets your audience interest. Doing these simple tests and analysing the data can help you reduce costs big time and make better decisions.




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