What Online Marketers Do?

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Online Marketing is just getting a word out that you or your company exists on the internet.

You might be based at a certain location and provide products or services worldwide to people who might be interested.

Traditional based marketing required lots of networking, cold calling and expensive advertising space either on TV or advertising billboards, but their audience reach has been limited to a certain area.

Unlike traditional marketing techniques which still work for bigger brands, marketers are turning to an online audience through inbound marketing which makes it is cheaper and easier than ever before. You get to promote offers, provide more detailed information, or just create awareness by driving traffic to your website.

Here’s some of the online marketing techniques popular today:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is simply telling the search engine such as Google or Bing to show your website from the top searches for a particular word or a phrase people might be looking for. They are looking to get answers, news, videos, photos or having fun browsing. Search engines bots crawl your website is optimized correctly finds the search phrase called the “keyword” relevant to your content and shows up in the top search results. It pulls the best information available for the keyword term. All companies want to rank higher in the search engines, but all this depends on the quality of content, optimization, and authority you hold in your specific niche.

You can learn more about SEO on Google Webmaster’s guide or MOZ’s site.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is just paid advertising for companies or individuals to rank first on Google or Bing search engine results. Marketers run campaigns on Google AdWords or Bing Webmasters by buying ad space on the search engine or show a display ad on YouTube, mobile or website. Its called ‘pay per click‘ when means someone clicks on a sponsored ad to bring them to your website. Google and Bing earn billions through pay per click campaigns. SEM is one of the best methods for small business who want to reach a wider audience at low costs.


Social Media Marketing

Everyone knows social media and there are a bunch of social media sites you would be using. The social media industry is huge and viral with people hooked on their tabs or smartphones all day. Social posts go viral with sharing and likes on posts, videos, and social gossip. Mobile apps have an increase in audience and their presence is ever growing, with a wide public and private network. Targeting audience in your niche is even easier on social media, and an email automation system creates wonders while running your campaign.

A bunch of social media sites you might already know and need to get into:
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumbler, Reddit, Google+, Snapchat etc.


Content Marketing

Everything on the internet is content – written, audio or video, almost everything. Content is the king as truly said as its fodder to your small business whether online or offline. As marketers we tell stories to your audience, create awareness and promote your brand. Content is also not only to educate a real-time live audience but also have fun, creates value and improve buying experience. High-quality reliable content is sure to win customers and help convert to a long-term relationship. Remarketing, upselling through newsletters, or updates on your new launches or just send the discount coupons set your business goals on the right track.

In all, online marketing is a huge industry and every small, medium or large business have their presence online.

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