What to include in Product Features?

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Product Features give an idea of the value proposition you provide. It can be a brief summary with a few paragraphs or a list to explain what the product is all about and how the user benefits from it. Products features can also be is a one-page document highlighting your top 10-12 features of the product or a detailed report with important information.

Ex: Product Feature for a Student software

  • Simple Dashboard
  • Organize your study material
  • View Course progress over a period
  • Help set study goals
  • Collect notes for the project work
  • Beat your own score by taking a mock test
  • Free subscription for one year

Ex: Product Feature for a School management software;

  • Reduce billing time
  • Visualize in-depth results
  • Get quick reports on performance metrics
  • Upgrade Library
  • Monitor overall progress of staff and management
  • Cloud-based SaaS software
  • 24/7 Techincal support

Detailed Product Features include the information architecture with stages for the user to help navigate and explore easily, technical specification so it applies exactly to a specific requirement. Designers need to keep in mind the elements that can be suited to improve user experience.

Basically, while product launch tests are conducted so the product is featured till the Minimal Viable Period (MVP). After running tests and going through feedback, products upgrades are conducted and new versions are introduced in the market. Each upgrade will be specified as a new product feature with the latest version.


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