Why Do You Need Lead Generation?

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I am sure you find it hard talking to a stranger especially when you want to make a sale. Even though you might be selling a valuable product, or a service which you think your potential customer will find useful, you are not sure if they will be interested in the first place.

You tend to either shy away from the potential customer or take the bold step and get out there in the field, or pick up the receiver for cold calling prospects who might be patient to listen to you. Of course, being too salesy wouldn’t help as no one likes to be been sold these days. Well, some might hand you their business card or catch up with you on later date. This may mean you end up spending more time and money but there is another better functional method out there.

You may have heard of the term Lead Generation if you have attended any marketing event or read somewhere in a blog. Lead Generation, basically does the same but in a slightly different way using inexpensive marketing and sales tools. Strangers will be converted to leads and you will already have the information of him/her being your potential customer (creating a buyer persona). On the other hand, with a strong lead generation plan you get to spend less effort, time and money on each lead.

Its might sound too technical, but all lead generation does is get the customer to trust you by handing over their personal contact details, sharing with you their pain points and learning from you how they can be benefited. It’s a process which starts with a strong lead generation plan with a good buyer experience.

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